hey bro…u awake? can i hold your hand…..i had a nightmare


More tiny Dorito chip Bill x)

i love how in fanarts ppl make bill all small and pocket-size

but in canon, he’s literally as tall as dipper, mabel and gideon

it’s great


Love the lil dorito
Also I have this headcannon that Dipper has a no touch policy.

today at work, some guy was being really moody with me because he wanted a larger sized smoothie and tried using a coupon that was only good for a small size.

why do ppl always get so moody over not-that-important coupons, i s2g.


"excuse me your bra is showing"

my bra? wait *flexes mucles* maybe you meant *rips off shirt* my bara is showing? *punches a bear*

Hey, there’s another one! These posters are everywhere.

sometimes i laugh bc “gravity falls” already has episodes featuring blood-thirsty zombies, a murderous shape-shifting monster, and a demon possessing a child (and not to mention in s1, a candy-monster that murders children, a creature that if you look it in the eyes, it shows you your deepest, darkest fears. a giant robot built by a psychotic child that tried to kill the twins. and so on and so on)

and i’m like “this is the same channel that wouldn’t allow this show to do a spin-the-bottle reference. amazing.”