eyyyy so this part 1 of a commission for a super cool person whose girlfriend came up with an A+ AU, lemme just copypaste the summary of it mmyes

"1930s Gravity Falls AU where Uncle Stan’s a bootlegger who runs a still, and maybe a moldy little sideshow as well. When the kids move in one summer he soon has them running rum all through the valley (vintage car chases with the deputies optional, but encouraged) and in their spare time, they investigate all the usual bizarre goings-on in Gravity Falls. She also thought maybe Li’l Gideon would be some kind of tent revival preacher boy, whom Mabel kept having to fend off."


this was so much fun and there’s more to come yeayeayea





"Mom, Dad…I’m a thespian."

*aggressively snaps while dramatically exiting stage right*


"The Bible says Adam and Eve,

not *snap snap* *jazz hands* and *dramatic leave*”

Mom: “your just going through a stage”

Me: “no mom, I’m going on stage” *strikes dramatic pose*


“uh oh” i whispered as i began to ship it

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Horned Man
by: Greg Verhaeghe


nah son, i ain’t got no snapchat. I’m old-fashioned. just fax it to me. fax me the nudes.

Taking care of the other while sick for Rufflout (hah imagine Snotty trying oto actaully take care of Ruff whiles she sick and she threatens to kill him if he messes up). Thanks!

Snotlout cleared his throat, sniffling. He refused to believe that he caught something. He’s a viking, vikings never get sick! He coughed again, wiping his nose on his arm. Hookfang flinched at every cough Snotlout was making and made a low, worried growl towards him.

"I’m fine, you overgrown lizard…" Snotlout grumbled.

"No, you’re not. You’re hacking up a storm."

Snotlout turned around to see an annoyed Ruffnut frowning at him, holding a bowl of soup. She walked towards him, paying no mind to Hookfang happily purring to her. Snotlout eyed the soup and huffed.

"I’m not hungry." He stated.

"Just drink it before I pour it over your head, you dolt." Ruffnut said, shoving the bowl in his hands.

Snotlout groaned, rolling his eyes. He brought the bowl up to his lips and began to drink. He groaned in distaste before swallowing. He pulled the bowl away from his mouth, smacking his lips.

"Ugh! Gross! Please don’t tell me Astrid made this…" He said, looking down at the soup.

"She didn’t. I stopped by the elder’s place and told her you were sick. She gave me medicine, so I just grounded it up and put it in the soup because I knew you wouldn’t take the medicine otherwise." Ruffnut said, plucking out dirt from underneath her fingernails.

Snotlout looked over to her, inspired. “Pretty smart.” He complimented.

"Yeah, well. It’s the same way I get Tuffnut to take medicine whenever he gets sick."

Ruffnut punched Snotlout’s shoulder, making him wince. She than patted his face, smirking. “Go home and sleep, you loser. No one wants to catch whatever you got.”

She walked away, not before giving Hookfang a pet. Snotlout watched, sniffling. He stared back down at the soup and smiled.

"Guess she cares about me, huh?" He said to Hookfang, chuckling.

Hookfang rumbled lowly, giving Snotlout a confused look.



oh my god




oh my god